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Wealth Decisions

For a high net worth investor managing £1m, this event will normally add about £250,000 to one's net worth over a period of 10 years. More importantly, it places you in a position of confidence and harmony with your wealth, minimising the time you spend on it - because you know what should happen, and when.

Our Guarantee of Satisfaction delivers the results you want. if after the course you don't feel you have received 'value', we will not send you an invoice. The course fee is £5,000 + VAT,.

Attendees say that the course gives them confidence in their decisions. It also provides the basis for a better performance. The long weekend event provides personal coaching, analyses and assistance. When the course is done you will have a formal written Financial Plan. Elements and features of a course:

  • Three days of face to face meetings at a location that suits you. However we can also deliver our course remotely.
  • Your Workbook, modified and with personal analyses just for you
  • Our Book 'Private Wealth Management'.
  • A skilled coach to ensure you understand your options
  • A discussion on who should be on your short-list of stockbrokers and private banks selected by our research and your preferences
  • Written analysis of each Wealth Decision, your present choice and the expected effect
  • UK tax return planning aiming to minimise tax that year

Who should attend

Any high net worth investor with more than 250k in free assets with a UK connection and an intention to resolve their specific wealth management concerns. This service is offered to people who, in our judgement, we can help. We will have more than one discussion with you before we jointly agree to proceed.


Each weekend course will cover more than one area of concern, some are listed below:

► Financial Objectives - your strategic outline as to how much you need to accumulate and later on how to deplete or distribute your wealth.

► Portfolio Strategies - the asset allocation that achieves most return for the optimum risk you have chosen; our select choice of wrap accounts with stockbrokers and private banks that provide the on-going service that you need at a reasonable and efficient cost; custody and balance sheet risk considerations for your chosen bank. We include tactics - when to buy and when to sell, applied to your own existing portfolio to test the rules in practice and to implement; best buys research and a discussion of current buy opportunities resulting in an agreed discipline for deciding engagement, dealing rules, timing rules and reporting requirements.

► Pensions - helping you uncover the charges they carry and advising how to remove as many annual charges as one can, deciding the optimum asset allocation; maximising State Pensions, including a consideration of cross border Social Security agreements if required, and any required decisions to optimise your existing occupational pensions.

► Least Tax - how to run the portfolio and your other assets for least tax

► Best broker accounts - create a shortlist of features for your broker or private bank and a personal (and often in person) introduction to your top three

► Annual Wealth Checklist - We help you develop your checklist to use every year to ensure you have covered everything you should and that your wealth is performing at optimum.


You may ask for references. Many of our private clients are willing to share their experiences personally.