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JC, Chester
"Thank you and well done in foreseeing the current events - we are not oblivious to where we may have been without your guidance."
2008 Nov

ML, Sydney
"I believe I have benefited enormously with the progress made with my pension, from aspects such as converting all managed entities to the SIPP format and the choice of holdings recommended by yourselves to the asset allocation approach and very stimulating/good research items/links provided. I have gone up quite a learning curve in the last 2 years."
2009 Aug

SM, Brussels
"I've known Rob for over 20 years now. The service is personal and so different from other financial advisors. IWM tells you as it is warts and all. But the returns are good and as promised. Predicted the big financial crash a year or so before it happened"
2013 Jun

JW, Paris
"Been with them for 8 or so years, and can totally recommend. In my time with them, they have provided an excellent, tailored service."
2013 Jun

RM, Hull
"I recently met a planner from Independent Financial Planners for a Review Meeting after reading about the discounted offer through your magazine Bloomberg Money. I forwarded him my financial details beforehand then discussed his findings about a week or so later. My overall impression was extremely favourable. This was my first encounter with fee-only financial advice and I found it a refreshing change to be advised to examine my existing investment products rather than consider taking out additional ones. So to sum up - definitely excellent value for money."
2006 Feb

JC, Dublin
"I wish I had heard of you 30 years ago. I think you are offering a very valuable service at an economic cost and I have no hesitation in recommending you, especially to investors just starting out."
2006 Apr

SL, London
"That was great. I really want to get on now to learn how to make my own money decisions confidently."
2004 Nov

LC, London
"It is good to meet someone who does not think I am crazy and can empathise with where I am coming from."
2005 Jan

JK, Windsor
"You asked me about value: yes, the meeting was of value, and I am beginning to think that this is exactly the type of service I am looking for."
2007 Apr

GC, London
"Friendly, experienced and highly effective service. IWM Asset Management does more than it says on the tin!!"
2013 Jun

HK, Kent
"I am so pleased with the plan you sent on 21 June 2008 (and no doubt will appreciate the re-working). Apart from its technical merits the Plan is causing me an enormous sense of freedom from the energy-sapping worries and confusion which have been weighing me down for over 6 years. To say that I'm grateful is a massive understatement."
2010 Dec

PK, London
"Your asset management performance is great! After what I've learned from you, I'd never use an IFA's service again!"
2011 May

KP Lancs
"Just wanted to say 'Thank you for your guidance over the last however many years'. It has meant, in particular, that in all of the turmoil over the last week since the Brexit vote, my investments & future security, have not only stayed steady but have grown. No-one knows what will happen in the future, but I wanted to say thank you for steering me through these turbulent times - relatively stress free."
2016 Jun

JH, Montague Capital
"It was great to see some of what you do for your clients. I have to say I thought it was very impressive and certainly way ahead of the market in my opinion, I think its the way financial services should work."
2008 Jun

KY, Wrexham
"Some of what you do is psychological, and that was just what we needed. Now we feel much more confident."
2007 May

KP, Cambridge
"Well I'm glad as I say that I'm where I am now - I cannot imagine how bad it would be if I hadn’t come to you and learnt all I have about how to manage my money. I have given up on the idea that I can be independent on my investments alone. I know that I have to find other solutions."
2010 Apr

PC, Kent
"Your email in January 2008 (IWM 'Red Alert' email before banking crisis broke) confirmed what I had decided so it was good to get confirmation from you - have a great deal of respect for your Company."
2008 Dec

GB, London
"Well, I'm definitely sold on the value of the planning discipline. It's very liberating to have a framework for decision making based on an established plan. Many previously complicated decisions are now trivially easy, because I know what we're trying to do. Also, the World view - Objectives - Strategies - Tactics - Implementation logic captures and separates the various levels of abstraction very clearly. Fee-only is also definitely the way to go. It transforms the client-adviser relationship from its utterly dysfunctional UK standard and, for me, is crucial to establishing trust."
2006 Nov

AG, London
"I knew what I wanted, a really independent advisor. I would pay him for his time, and he would NOT get any commissions for recommending financial services. I couldn't find one. I finally found Independence by chance when I heard a lecture on the need for independent advisors given by someone else. My world have been renewed since then. I am charged for time taken to work out what I need, and then I am referred to those who can provide the service. JUST WHAT I WANTED. No longer do I need to concern myself whether they are promoting a product as they are in for a big commission or benefit. Worth paying for."
2007 Jul

JC, Edinburgh
"Very satisfied. Well worth every penny."
2005 Dec

EW, Australia
"Rob has guided us through the complexities of having financial interests in 3 countries (UK, the Netherlands, Australia). His remit was to help us prepare for a comfortable retirement. Rob viewed this task a lot more holistically than I had imagined. He took the volatility out of our portfolio, and managed to make me understand what he was proposing. Besides that, he looked into state pensions and also potential retirement countries. I highly recommend Rob if you need sound financial advice."
2013 Nov

MA, Sussex
"I have been working with Rob Noble-Warren and Independence Wealth Management for the past 26 years. During the whole of that time I have received an excellent service at a reasonable price. Essentially, I have learnt from Rob all I know about investing which while not a vast amount is considerably more than I started out with. The Financial Plan he produced and subsequently updated enabled me to sleep easily at night knowing with a reasonable degree of certainty that we had sufficient money in the right places to be able to enjoy our old age which, sadly, is approaching only too fast."
2013 Nov

SL, London
"What I find of value is the fact that I know you guys are on my side. I do not have the time or the inclination frankly to spend hours figuring out whether one investment is better than another. That's why I pay you and am happy to pay you. I am outsourcing that part to you. I have recommended you to a lot of my friends and work colleagues. I do not use the brochure though. In my field, it would be treated with cynicism as if I was being paid to give it them."
2005 Apr

CP, Cambridge
"That was one of the best meetings we have had. That's really helpful to talk about my partner's involvement. It has made me more determined to get him involved."
2007 Dec

JB, Edinburgh
"I subscribe to Buys and Briefs because I like the flexibility and appreciate the professional approach and transparency of the service. I'd rather pay charges for the service provided than commission. I'm free to follow my own strategies and check back with this service as a reference. I make use of the stockbroker wrap accounts. IWM webinars are interesting not least because of other investors who take part."
2011 Feb

RM, Bristol
"No, I don't think that financial institutions are looking after me. Definitely not. It has all changed now anyway. I think people may begin to realise that they weren't going to get help anyway. I only learned that by coming to you. Fortunately in time. Not so lucky for many other people."
2010 Nov

"I very much appreciate your way of guiding the clients and giving us the knowledge to research and convince ourselves. I especially appreciate your recent advice as when to buy and when to sell, using 26 weeks moving average and envelopes and FT interactive charts. Your solution is definitely good. For me there is no alternative I could trust."
2015 Jun

JH, Croydon
"That was really worthwhile. You fellows can see the wood for the trees, and I needed to sit down with someone who does not take commission."
2008 Sep

AS, Edinburgh
"I was very impressed with the Review Meeting and this service. Very professional."
2005 Mar

CP, Cambridge
"Thank you for having prepared me so well for the financial onslaught. You can't imagine how grateful I am."
2008 Sep

DMcD, Windermere
"I know I have to pay for the advice I want but with you guys it is worth it. You always give quality advice - no holds barred."
2007 Aug

GB, London
"Amid all the gloom, something to be pleased about: our portfolio didn't lose a penny today. Good call."
2008 Oct

RM, Bristol
"I am sort of in agreement with the idea that your 'red alert' will last for decades, but I didn't think we were quite at the point of battening down the hatches, all moving to Cyprus and sitting on gold - well not just yet anyway. I think it would be difficult to imagine ever buying into the UK again - well not for a very long time - or many other places either. So I know that the buy and hold really means Gilts and that's pretty well it. I guess I was being a little hopeful but I do realise its going to last a very long time. Which is why I am still fairly sure I can achieve my stated lifestyle - I think its going to mean more attention to detail in the management of my affairs but I am ready for that. I know I wouldn't be in this position if you guys hadn't put it all into perspective for me."
2008 Jul

Mrs. V.D.
"Along with the course that I passed a few years ago (I go back every now and then to remind myself when to buy and when to sell) your unique buys and briefs service - the buy list and your messages - give me direction and reassurance. I find your webinars very useful and I trust you. I am sure that there are are a lot of potential clients out there for this service."
2011 Feb

JM, Editor, Bloomberg Money
"Bloomberg Money is proud to run its monthly Money Makeover feature in association with Independence Financial Planners. Not only does Independence live up to its name in its approach to assisting the magazine's readers, the company also embodies our belief that financial advice should be built around helping people achieve their life goals: viewing an holistic solution rather than mere product sales as key."
2006 Feb

IW, Bristol
"Good value. Good impartial advice. Thank you."
2008 Aug

JC, Chester
"I do not think it is right to assume that everything will work out as planned. I am just glad that our main money is more secure. I cannot express how happy we are that we got out of everything as you always suggested. It took time and you had a lot of patience with us but we can see how valuable that was for us. We are in a far better position than most people we know. I just think that nothing is completely safe and I just concentrate on the children and making sure we are all happy and will take what comes, if it does."
2010 May

"Just wanted to say..thank you..for your advice re my portfolio that has meant it is on an upward trajectory after the leave vote. Your wise suggestions of buys in USD and AUD have certainly made a difference."
July 2016

CO, London
"The advice I've had has always been first rate, and that's over 15 years."
2006 Aug

PE, London
"I found our 1-to-1 very very helpful indeed and I have enjoyed every one of your Bloomberg Money articles: you have a nice way of writing and the info is obviously first rate. Our 1-to-1 was worth the money I paid a number of times over."
2009 Oct

HW, Manchester
"This was the best value meeting I've had with any financial adviser."
2007 Sep

HG, London
"I wanted to thank you for letting me win the runner-up prize of a free financial planning session with a planner from Independence, who I met last night. In spite of being a confirmed financial know-it-all, he actually managed to teach me a few (quite important) things - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I don't know if you've met him, but he's not only extremely good at it, but seemed a genuinely nice person, too."
2007 May

GD, Switzerland
"I got the same feeling from our meeting as you do at a very good restaurant - one of calm and confidence and being looked after."
2008 Jul

PK, London
"Thank you for your annual investment performance report. Very concise very clear and VERY informative... I have a couple of comments. First of all... Well done in achieving the results that you have achieved. It's impressive even with all my inadequacies and mistakes!"
2011 May