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Key Plus

Our 'Key Plus' service is for professional and DIY investors who wish to retain control over their transactions and make their own investment decisions with the assistance of our research. Typically this service appeals to investors who are happy to execute their own trades through their chosen stockbroker. The 'Best Buys' page on our client site contains a list of the securities we are watching in real time, the page is organised by market sectors.

  • List of "best buy" securities that we are watching carefully for buying opportunities
  • List of "buy now" securities that we ourselves intent to buy within the next couple of weeks, with rationale, accounts summary and ESG data
  • Recommended asset allocation and commentary through the 'Investor's Diary' blog
  • Access to our shortlist of broker and private bank accounts on specially negotiated terms
  • Free access to our 'Key Risks' report on planning assumptions for portfolios
  • UK Tax Return calculation if you have UK sourced income, wherever resident. This calculation is completed upon a receipt of all personal information and it includes the investment schedules. Please ask for detailed Terms and Conditions.

In the debate "why hire a professional adviser" there are always going to be advocates on both sides who will defend fiercely one view over the other. We are of the opinion that clients have the right to choose and we can help a DIY investor if that is what they choose. Our service is a very cost effective way to gain access to analyses and research which we apply to our Advisory service and a person is prepared to put the time in they can benefit from the results and see their portfolio perform in line with our portfolios. A "Key Plus" client can ask for our help if they feel they can improve their own portfolio management. We can offer this complementary or we can charge a one-off fee for such a consultation. Please contact us for details of this one-off service.

Fee for Key Plus

Standing Order: £45 per month inclusive of 20% VAT.