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Carbon Neutral

We believe that every effort should be made to preserve the environment we live in. It is important to us how our actions as a business and individuals affect the planet, which is our home. Our concerns are detailed in the Course book we have published. Apart from our deep-held believes there are also practical reasons why all who are investing care for the environment. The connection between climate change and investment returns is already established. Severe environmental deterioration leads to less growth. 1% of GDP is lost for every 2 degrees in global warming (Stern Report). 

As a firm, we desire to leave the environment in the same or a better state than we found it. We have deliberatley chosen to work without a physical office, and have decided against continuing using the Chancery Lane office at the end of 1998. We are no-paper office, and we have invested considerable time and energy in developing in-house software which allows to use technology and computers to reduce more than 90 percent of our old demand for paper. We continue to implement steps that will allow us to save on electricity and are seeking further ways to continue to be pro-active in reducing our impact on our planet.