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About iWM - Chartered Tax Advisers, Private Client Asset Managers

The primary purpose of the courses we run is to help attendees make good long term decisions concerning any aspect of their wealth management. We cover taxation, wealth planning choices and asset management. We do two types of courses. The first course deals with all decisions relating and leading to a life of independence, (like saving targets, investment aims, priority of objectives), including change of lifestyle or country in order to achieve goals. The second course deals with distribution of assets in retirement, contingencies, business transition and estate planning.

We analyse or 'map' how clients can achieve above-average performance for themselves. We also offer the use of our investment tools, together with a detailed brief on how these can be used efficiently.

What investment performance can be achieved?

One of the topics most in demand is "How much can I grow my assets?". We discuss if investment returns alone can achieve all your objectives. The current best performance trend possible from world markets is 4% to 7% annual return for a 10% to 20% volatility (risk) after all charges. This trend needs re-computing regularly.